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Information about Rocaltrol.

In patients with normal renal functionchronic hypercalcaemia may be associated with an increase in serum creatinine.

Clinical experience with Rocaltrol in elderly patients indicates that the dosage recommended for use in younger adults may be given without apparent ill-consequence.

Rocaltrolcalcitriolshould not be given to patients with hypercalcemia or evidence of vitamin D toxicityUse of Rocaltrolcalcitriolin patients with known hypersensitivity to Rocaltrolcalcitriolor drugs of the same classor any of the inactive ingredients is contraindicated.

Magnesium-containing preparationsegantacidsand Rocaltrolcalcitriolshould not be used concomitantly in patients on chronic renal dialysis because such use may lead to the development of hypermagnesemia.

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