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Combats infective and allergic ophthalmic disordersOphthaCare has potent antimicrobial and antihistaminic propertieswhich combat infective and allergic eye disorders.

HoneyMadhueffectively eliminates a host of microorganismsIt is an anti-inflammatory agent which soothes the eyes and heals wounds quickly.

Ophthacare is useful against eye irritations and strainsIt is as well used in infected eye disorders and acute and chronic conjunctivitis Howeveryour doctor may also prescribe Ophthacare for other conditions if found appropriate.

Leveraging on our industrious workforcewe are offering Ophthacare Eye Drop to the customersWe have huge collection of this Ophthacare Eye Drop in order to meet the rising demand of the customersOur range of this Ophthacare Eye Drop has high shelf liferesistance against infectionfree from all the contamination and prepared by using premium quality material as per international standardsFeatures:

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