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Methylprednisolone is a type of oral steroid is typically prescribed for low back pain. timberland pas cher

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Information about Prednisolone.

As adjunctive therapy for short-term administrationto tide the patient over an acute episode or exacerbationin:

When it comes to ulcerative colitisthere are different options for treatmentMany different kinds of drugs are availableThe treatment your doctor prescribes for you often depends on the severity of your symptoms.

It can be dangerous to stop taking prednisolone suddenlyespecially if you have been on a high dose for a long time.

You should not use prednisolone if you have a fungal infection anywhere in your body.

If you have used prednisolone regularly for a long time or in high dosesyou may have withdrawal symptoms if the drug is suddenly stoppedTo prevent withdrawal symptomssuch as weaknessweight lossnauseamuscle painheadachetirednessdizzinessyour doctor may reduce your dose graduallyConsult your doctor or pharmacist for more detailsand report any withdrawal reactions right awaySee also Precautions section.

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